The Importance Of Obtaining Apparel Swatch Cards Before Buying Clothing For Your Retail Store

If you are an clothing store owner or a buyer for a retail store, you should always request apparel swatch cards before placing a large order. An apparel swatch card is a card that features actual swatches of the material that is used in the wholesalers clothing line. Here are a few of the reasons why it is important to obtain apparel swatch cards before placing an order. 

Allows You to See the Exact Colors You Can Select From

Many wholesalers take pictures of the clothing that you can order and then place them in a catalog or an online store where you can place your order. Unfortunately though, the color in pictures can be different than the color in person. What may look like a great color in a picture, may not look so great in person, or vice versa. You know your customer base and what colors sell best in your store. Obtaining apparel swatch cards allows you to see the colors in the wholesaler's product line so you know what colors to order for your store. 

Allows You to See the Texture and Thickness of the Material

Different material has a different feel or texture to it. If your store is located in a warm or humid climate, such as Florida or Hawaii, thicker, heavy material may not sell well in your region. Likewise, thin, clingy material may not sell well if your target audience is older women, rather than young 20-year-olds. Obtaining appeal swatch cards allows you to see the texture and thickness of the material that you are buying to determine if it will work for your target customer. 

Allows You to Determine the Quality of the Material

Lastly, apparel swatch cards can help you determine the quality of the material you are buying. If you have a high-end retail shop, your customers expect high-end items that will last. If you run a clothing shop that offers discounted trendy clothes at a great price, your customers may not expect the quality to be as high. Once again, the swatch cards help you determine if the pieces you are ordering will appeal to your client base, which can help your sales. 

Pictures can be deceiving. The way light hits fabric can cause the color to look different than in person. It is also hard to gauge texture and the quality of the material just by looking at a picture. Apparel swatch cards allow you to see the exact color, texture, material and quality of the item you are buying before you place an order.