3 Faqs Regarding Propane

Propane is a gas that is commonly used as an energy source. It may be used to heat your home or simply fuel your grill. If you are considering switching your home appliances to propane, or you simply want to learn the advantages of propane, check out these three FAQs.

Why Choose Propane?

Propane is a popular option because it is such a high-energy alternative. The octane rating for propane is even higher than gasoline. This makes it extremely powerful in small doses. Additionally, despite its power, propane is incredibly affordable. This, combined with its efficiency means you have to use less energy to use propane. For example, a propane clothes dryer is much more efficient than an electric one, which ultimately saves you money on your monthly energy bills. Propane is also a more reliable source. Unlike electricity, which is lost when the power is out, your propane appliances still work, so you can continue taking warm showers and cooking.

Does Propane Smell?

Naturally, propane is odorless, so if it was leaking, you might not know, leading to a serious disaster. However, for safety reasons, Ethyl Mercaptan is added to give it an unpleasant odor, which alerts to you to the potential leak. If you do notice an odd smell or you believe your gas is leaking, you must take immediate actions to protect yourself. Put out all flames, leave the area, turn the vapor service valve off on your propane take, leave your home and contact the fire department. It is not advised to open your windows, turn off or on any appliances or to use a phone inside your home.

Is Propane Safe?

Like any gas, propane can be dangerous when treated improperly. However, the strong puncture-resistant tank protects the propane, and if a leak does occur, the smell will alert you immediately. Also, propane is extremely safe for the environment. It's actually considered a clean fuel unlike fossil fuel. It has no contaminated water, and it creates low carbon emissions. This, combined with propane's efficiency, reduces your carbon footprint, so you can do your fair share to protect the environment.

Propane is a great fuel because it burns so cleanly and is affordable. If you are thinking about switching to propane in your home, you will love the benefits. If you would like more information about propane, propane delivery and other related topics, contact a propane provider in your area today.