Five Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Water Conditioner Properly Maintained

Water conditioner maintenance is important if you want to keep the water in your home in the best possible condition.

You can ensure that you keep up with maintenance by avoiding the following five maintenance mistakes that could lead to malfunctions of your water conditioner components:

Pay attention to the salt level in your water conditioner

A water conditioner system that features water softening needs adequate salt content to work properly. You need to regularly check the salt level in your unit to make sure that your unit continues to be effective and efficient at resolving hard water issues.

Educate yourself about the appropriate salt level in your unit and check it regularly so that you know whether you need more salt. 

Make sure you're putting in an appropriate salt type for your particular conditioner model

If you have a water conditioner system that has water softening capabilities, you need to be aware of the fact that there are several different types of salt. Some of the possibilities are tablet, block, and granular salt. 

You need to know which type of salt is appropriate for your model. It's worth noting that tablet salt is most commonly used for water softening in water conditioning systems. 

Put salt in right away when necessary

Don't procrastinate about refilling your salt reservoir when necessary. A unit that's operating on low salt levels may not remove mineral deposits that lead to hard water as effectively as a unit that's been filled up.

Operating on low levels could also cause components of your water conditioning system to wear out prematurely. 

It's best to keep some refill salt stored in advance so that you can immediately refill your reservoir when necessary. 

Take the time to occasionally clean out your unit's brine tank

Generally speaking, water conditioning systems don't require too much maintenance. However, one of the most involved tasks that you do need to carry out regularly to keep your system operating properly is cleaning out the brine tank.

Over time, deposits can build up in the brine tank that will detract from a water conditioner's efficiency. Deposit buildup is referred to as "bridging" and can make it so that the salt itself won't contact the water that's being treated effectively. 

Any cleaning of the brine tank should involve breaking up buildup so that it can be removed. 

Inspect conditioner components periodically to look out for any developing malfunctions

Regular inspections are important. Simply being vigilant and watching and listening to the operation of your system is important. If your water conditioner system starts to make unusual noises, it's time to call in a technician to have a thorough look at your unit. 

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