5 Signs Your Company Should Use Colored Shipping Tubes

If you own a business and you do a lot of shipping, you may need to invest in cardboard shipping tubes. That's especially true if you send a lot of oblong items or rolled up paperwork ranging from blueprints to posters. Wondering if you should go for basic tan or colorful alternatives?

Here are x signs you should choose colored shipping tubes.

1. You Want Your Packages to Stand Out

When you ship to customers who receive a lot of items, such as other businesses, a boring tan colored tube will blend in with the rest of the packages that the company receives. Colored tubes stand out and make an impression. Even while in transit, your tubes will be more noticeable to anyone who comes in contact with them.

For example, a delivery driver or a package handling in a sorting facility may be more likely to notice your packaging. That works as a form of small scale advertising, and those curious people may even decide to visit your website and become one of your customers.

2. You Want Colors That Reflect a Certain Brand Image

Beyond standing out, colored tubes can help with your branding efforts. You may want colors that complement your logo, but you may also want colors that bring out certain psychological elements related to your brand.

For instance, if you want to emphasize the idea of power, you may want to use red shipping tubes. On the other hand, if you sell posters related to healthy foods, inspirational quotes, or balancing your chakras, you may want the balance and harmony associated with green colored shipping tubes. Every color makes its own subtle suggestions to your recipients.

3. You Want Packaging That's Festive for the Holidays

If you want to add an extra decorative touch to shipments around the holidays, that's another sign that you may want to select colored shipping tubes. For example, you may want to use pastel colors for spring time holidays, or play with red, white, and blue around Independence Day or other patriotic holidays.

You could even opt for custom birthday-themed shipping tubes. For example, if a customer wants something gift wrapped, you could simply send it out in a blue shipping tube with confetti printed on it to create the feel of gift wrap.

4. You Want to Color Code Your Shipments Before Sending Them Out

In other cases, you may not be concerned about the message you are sending to customers. Rather, you may want colored shipping tubes because they help to keep your space organized.

You can load up tubes with certain items and create a color-coded chart so you know what's in each tube. Then, when you need to fill an order, you can simply grab the color of tube you need, slap a shipping label on it, and pop it in the mail. That can help save time. The color coding potential of colored shipping tubes is also useful for long term storage organization.

5. Your Customers Are the Types to Do a Lot of Crafts

If you run a business that has a relatively crafty customer base, you may want to keep that in mind when choosing your shipping containers. Crafty people can make anything from tree ornaments to table centerpieces to bracelets and more from cardboard shipping tubes, and all of these projects are a bit more fun with colored shipping tubes.

Small touches like that can help to increase orders because the customers see the packaging itself as a little something extra that they may not get from other companies.

Want more ideas? Then, contact a company, such as Chicago Mailing Tube Co., that specializes in cardboard shipping tubes directly.