Suspicions Of Embezzlement: How To Find Out If You Have Some Criminals In Your Midst

Tracking company money has become easier than ever since computers can hold all of your company's financial information. Unfortunately, it has also become just as easy to steal money from your company as well. Hackers can transfer little amounts from your accounts over time, gradually creating wealth for themselves. Embezzling from within is just as easy, since computer logbooks can be doctored. If you suspect that someone inside your company is stealing/embezzling, here is how you can find out for sure.

Hire Due Diligence Consulting Services

Due diligence consultants look for anomalies in your accounting books. They are the investigative force that uncovers what, how much, and where the money is. Then they look for the person or persons responsible. It could take months to unravel it, or the investigation could be over within a week.

There are two major and immediate benefits to hiring this type of consultant:

  1. The investigation is completed by a completely objective outside party who will not show favor to anyone during the investigation.
  2. A fresh pair of eyes can see what others in your company might not be able to see.

Do your best to turn over all financial records that are available so that the consultant can conduct a thorough enough investigation.

Requesting Financial Records from Suspected Parties

There is a right way and a wrong way to get the personal financial records you need from the suspected parties. You will need a lawyer's help, and you will need to provide the lawyer with the substantial proof discovered by the due diligence investigator. Then a lawyer can file criminal complaints against these parties and subpoena their financial records to see if any of them are stashing cash in their accounts. If your lawyer can uncover an account with excess money in it that seems to match the amount missing from your company's accounts, voila! you have found your embezzler. If not, you will have to keep digging.

Suspend Those with Access to Company Accounts

Yes, it is not wholly fair to the innocent, but if you suspend employees with pay, and bring in temp employees, you can eliminate the innocent parties. This occurs when you suspend your suspected employees for a few weeks to see if there is still some company theft. If the theft continues, then the suspended employees are not the ones you are looking for. It means you will need to dig elsewhere to find other suspects.