Pros And Cons Of Getting A Flat Bicycle Tire Patched

It's possible to puncture a bicycle tire through a variety of means. Perhaps you ran over something sharp, such as a nail or a piece or glass, or maybe you rode on underinflated tires and a hard rock caused the damage. Whatever the case, you'll be heading to your local bicycle repair shop to deal with the problem. At the shop, you'll commonly hear two remedies to your problem — replacing the tire's inner tube altogether or having it patched. Here are some pros and cons of opting for a patch.

Pro: Less Costly

If you're looking to keep your bicycle-related expenses to a minimum, you'll typically find that patching a punctured tire tube is a cost-effective solution to your problem. Most repair shops charge low rates for this work, and the materials used are minimal. In contrast, the cost of a replacement tube is almost always higher.

Con: Potential for Less Longevity

There are some cyclists who believe that a patch repair doesn't give them the same longevity as a new tire tube. For example, while a patch can fix the obvious leak in your tube, it's possible that there are other weakened areas in the rubber from repeated use. This could mean that you might be facing another flat tire in a short amount of time. A new tube will give you more long-term confidence.

Pro: Minimal Environmental Impact

If you're environmentally conscious, which may be one of the reasons that you enjoy riding a bicycle, you may feel better about a patch repair. This work allows you to continue using your original tube rather than throwing it away and buying another — which, of course, requires resources, such as fabrication and transportation, that tax the environment to some degree.

Con: Longer Until You're Riding Again

When a repair technician replaces a punctured tire tube for you, you can begin riding as soon as the work is done. Although technicians can patch tires quickly, you typically need to wait for a bit of time to allow the glue that holds the patch to the tube to dry. If you're in a major rush, this solution might seem unappealing to you.

You should always talk to your bicycle repair technician about both options. Remember, the type of puncture will also dictate how the technician proceeds. In the event of a severely damaged tube, such as one in which the rubber is shredded, a patch job might not be applicable. To learn more, talk to companies like Bicycle Center.