Check These Policies Before Signing Up At A Country Club

Joining a private country club brings a lot of benefits, but each club has its own set of policies -- and those policies can really make or break your experience with the club. While many look at fee amounts, golf privileges, and other perks, you should also take a look at a few details to be sure that you're joining a club that provides what you need. This is especially crucial if you're looking at buying a house in a development where residents have to belong to the local country club because you want to buy in an area where requirements like that membership end up being positive for you and not negative.

Do Area Residents and Non-Residents Have Different Privileges?

First, find out if area residents and non-residents have the same privileges. Many private clubs restrict their membership pools but have occasional open spots for people who do not live in the area. Anyone buying a membership should receive the full benefits that go along with it. While there can be different levels of membership, residency and non-residency, assuming the non-resident is approved by the club should not lead to a restriction in benefits.

What's the Age Limit for Covered Children?

Many clubs offer memberships that cover family, including adult children up to a certain age. Find out what the upper age limit is and what to do about adult children who are older than that. Can they enter the club grounds and use its facilities as your guest, or are they barred unless they can join the club themselves? Chances are that there will be some type of guest privilege, but you should be sure you're fine with the benefits and restrictions placed on guests as that could affect what you do with your family at the club. In other words, you don't want to find that most of your family can use the pool, for example, while your non-member child can't.

Are Initiation Fees Due at Once, or Can They Be Financed?

Initiation fees are different from monthly dues, and the fees can be steep sometimes. That can be rather difficult to deal with when you are closing on a house and paying moving fees. Ask if the fees can be financed or broken into payments. These options are actually pretty common, but you can't assume they'll be offered, so it's best to ask.

When you find the right club, you will find that your life seems much more relaxed because you'll have a place to go where you feel like you and your family belong. Country clubs are meant to be enjoyed, and policies that fit what you need will ensure a more comfortable experience.

Learn more about private country club memberships from your local club.