Tips To Keep Your Polished Concrete Flooring Shiny

Polished concrete is growing in popularity throughout the commercial and residential flooring industry. Homeowners and business owners alike enjoy the benefits of choosing polished concrete as a flooring option. The durability, the ease of care, and the fact that this type of flooring can last virtually forever make it a good choice for most environments. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you keep your polished concrete looking great.

Schedule Regular Professional Polishing

To maintain the shine, the concrete flooring will need to be polished with a big machine from time to time. How often this will need to be done varies by situation — residential floors won't need to be polished more than once every year or every other year, while commercial floors will need more attention because they will experience a greater level of traffic and abuse.

Talk with the professional concrete polishing technician near you to find out rates and availability of services.

Invest in a High-Quality Dust Mop                                              

The dust mop that you use for daily cleaning will play a big role in how well the shine holds up. Rather than using a bristled broom to sweep the floors, use a dust mop to gently lift the dirt and dust off of the surface and buff the surface at the same time.

Don't get a low-quality dust mop. Higher quality dust mop heads are softer and have longer, more durable strands on them. This promotes greater buffing and traps more dust deeper into the mop head rather than releasing it back onto the floor.

Use a Flat Mop

When it's time to mop, don't reach for a string or sponge mop. These two mop options will leave streaks all over the floor no matter what type of cleaning solution you use.

For best results, get a five-gallon bucket of very hot water and add about two cups of white vinegar. The white vinegar will disinfect and clean the floor without leaving any residue behind that could cause the glossy finish to haze. Dip a microfiber mop head cover into the bucket, wring it out well, and put it on the mop handle. Buff the floor clean. Rinse and repeat until the floor is completely clean.

If you tend to your polished concrete floors the way that they need, they'll look great and won't need much more than a dusting each day. Hopefully, the tips above help you protect the shine of your polished concrete flooring.

For more information on concrete polishing, contact a company like Spectrum Floor Systems.