Lighting In Your Office: Options For Seeing Better When Natural Light Is Not An Option

Some old commercial buildings were just not designed very well. They lack enough windows to provide adequate natural light, thereby requiring more lighting installations in the building. If you work in such a building, you probably need even more light than what was originally installed when the building was built. Here are some lighting solutions for office buildings that lack enough natural light. 

Troffer LED Lights

Troffer lights are large panel lights recessed into the ceiling. They are the most common type of lighting system used in buildings with drop-tray ceilings. Products like the Sylvania 2x4 troffer light are very good at providing extra light where needed, and they are easy to install. Additionally, you should consider the LED versions of these lights because LED burns brighter but not hotter in terms of lighting and energy output. 

Track Lighting

Track lighting is another option that might work for your office. It is especially helpful when troffer lights will not fit in the given ceiling space or some other feature about the office ceiling makes it impossible to install troffer lights. Track lighting also allows you to move each individual light into position on the track and swivel the lamps into any direction you want them to go for maximum lighting. 

Recessed Lighting

If your building does not utilize drop-tray ceilings, consider having more recessed lights installed in the ceiling. The installer makes round cuts into the existing ceiling to make room for the lights. The electrical wiring is threaded through the walls and the holes made in the ceiling and then connected to the recessed lamps. You get the feeling that you are outdoors with the way this light spreads out and reflects down below. For an added touch of brilliance, buy recessed lighting bulbs that reproduce the glowing light of the sun and provide all the benefits of natural light. 

Sunlight Therapy Boxes

If there are almost no windows in your building at all, employees might be feeling a little blue after spending so much time indoors. Sunlight therapy boxes are designed to recreate sunlight artificially but in a way that tricks the human brain into thinking it has had time outside in the sun. These boxes also provide a lot of really intense and bright light, and they can be mounted to a wall or hung on a cubicle wall with ease. As a bonus, they come with switches so that you can turn them on and off without having to hardwire them into the rest of the building.