Three Reasons To Consider Using A Face Protection Shield Instead Of A Mask

It seems like every place you go today, you are required to wear a face mask. However, you may have noticed that there is a new option available: reusable face protection shields. This may be something you might want to think about as an option to use in place of the face mask you are currently using. The following are a few things you should know about them.

Many find that they can breathe more easily

If you find yourself with a job that requires a face mask, you may have experienced the issue of breathing problems. This is especially true with cloth masks. It's one thing to don a mask to go to a grocery store, but if you have to work for eight hours, you may find yourself laboring to breathe. In this case, you may find yourself pulling your mask down too low or too high to breathe easier, but this defeats the purpose of the mask. You are likely to breathe more easily throughout your work day when wearing a face shield.

Customers can see your face

If you work in a job that interacts with customers, your personality can be muted by a face mask. It is important that others see your face when you are speaking to them. A part of communication is your facial expression, and most importantly, it is your smile. Face masks take away your ability to express yourself with a smile. So if you have a job such as a sales person or perhaps in customer service, where it is important to communicate with facial expressions, you should give consideration to wearing a face shield.

They are quick and easy to clean

One important advantage that cloth masks have over disposable hospital masks is that they can be reused. Hospital masks are cheap, but when you begin to add up the number of masks you are using, they are not cost effective. Although cloth masks can be thrown in the laundry, you do need to remember to wash them. It is easy to find yourself with no clean masks to wear when you need one. Reusable face protection shields can be quickly cleaned after or before you go to work. You do not need to put them in the washing machine and the dryer, so that is a big time saver. Most shields only require warm water and mild soap for cleaning.

Face masks are worn almost everywhere you need to go. But because of the problems associated with masks, you should consider using reusable face protection shields. They are often easier to breathe in, so they are comfortable to use throughout a working day. People can see your face as you greet and speak to them, and they are easy to clean.