3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Used Commercial Freezer

Commercial kitchen appliances can be very costly. Many new food businesses opt to invest in used equipment to help keep start-up costs as low as possible. Buying a used freezer can be a great way to save money as long as you take the time to evaluate each option carefully.

Identifying some critical factors will help you select the right freezer for your foodservice business.

1. Shelf Configuration

Size is an important factor in the selection of a commercial freezer, but the configuration of the freezer components are far more important. A freezer with a large capacity will be of little use if the shelves and drawers are not configured properly.

Pay close attention to the shelf capacity in any freezer you are considering for your commercial kitchen. Be sure that you will be able to store enough food items in the freezer to meet your needs without wasting space or limiting the circulation of cool air around each individual item.

2. Compressor Location

All commercial freezers utilize a compressor to help generate cool air. The location of the compressor can vary based on the size, model number, and brand of the used freezers you are considering. High-end freezers will typically have a compressor located at the top of the freezer unit. Lower-end freezers will have the compressor at the bottom.

Consider a used freezer with a compressor located at the top of the unit. This location will prevent the compressor from becoming clogged with grease, food particles, and other debris.

Any used freezer with a top-mount compressor should run efficiently for a significant period of time.

3. Door Design

Commercial freezers feature many different door designs. This variation allows you to find the freezer unit with a door design that best fits into the schematic of your commercial kitchen.

If space in your commercial kitchen is limited, you should consider a freezer that features sliding doors to prevent an open door from blocking traffic. If you want to keep utility costs low, opt for a used freezer with half-doors. You can open just the top or the bottom door (or both) as needed to reduce heat transfer.

Stainless steel freezer doors offer you the opportunity to maintain stylish and clean surfaces within your commercial kitchen. You can find stainless steel doors in a wide variety of door designs when shopping for your next used commercial freezer.

For more information about used freezers, such as used stainless steel three door freezers, contact an appliance company.