Installing New Solar Panel Systems For Your Home

Solar panel systems can be one of the most important and effective options for homeowners that are looking to install renewable energy systems. Solar panel systems can easily meet the needs of most homes, but there is still some important information that a homeowner will need to have about these systems.

Is It Hard To Remove Snow From The Solar Panels?

For those that live in areas where heavy snowfall can be a common occurrence, it will be necessary to remove the snow from the panels so that the light waves are able to reach the receptors. If your solar panels are installed at ground level, this can be as simple as using a soft bristle brush to remove the snow from the panels. If the panels are located on the roof, you may want to install a thermal system that will be able to melt any snow that has started to gather on the exterior of these panels.

What Happens To The Unused Power From The Panels?

There are likely to be times when the solar panels are producing more power than what your home is currently needing. In these situations, you may assume that this energy will essentially be wasted. However, these systems are well-designed for this problem, as they can be easily connected to batteries that will be able to store any excess power that the panels are generating. This can allow this power to be utilized during the overnight hours when there is no sunlight to power these panels.

Will Installation Of The Solar Panels Require Any Major Changes To The Property?

As with most other major upgrades to their property, a homeowner may assume that solar panels will also require major changes to the house or the surrounding property. This will not be the case for solar panel installation, as these panels are light enough to be easily supported by most roof systems. However, if there are any large branches or other sources of shade where the panels will be installed, they should be removed to ensure that the panels are able to receive as much sunlight as possible. During the initial consultation for the solar panel installation, a contractor can perform a light measurement to ensure that the area will receive enough sunlight. If it does not, they can help you identify the steps to most effectively increase the light to these areas or to choose another location for the panels.

For more information about solar panel installation, contact a local solar company.