How Much Will Your Move Cost?

If you're planning a move, no matter whether it's local or long-distance, you may be thinking about the benefits of hiring professional movers to help you. Working with a moving company can certainly take a lot of the stress away from the moving process, allowing you to focus on the transition itself and helping your family to prepare. If you've called some moving companies for quotes, or you're just starting to consider the cost, it's helpful to understand what contributes to the expense of a moving company. Here's a look at what you need to know about the factors that affect the cost of your move.

Time Required

With a local move, you'll typically be quoted an hourly rate that you'll be expected to pay based on how long the move itself takes. That rate usually averages about $30 per hour. The time involved will depend on a lot of things, including whether or not you have the movers pack your belongings, how much you have to move, and how far you will be moving. You'll have more time involved if you have the movers pack for you or handle other tasks. Make sure that you talk with the movers about how long they anticipate the move to take based on all of these factors to help you budget accordingly.

Total Load Weight

When you're planning a long-distance move, the rate you pay is usually based on the total weight of your belongings. Your movers will weigh the trailer before your belongings are loaded and then again once everything has been placed on the truck. You will pay a base rate based on this weight. Most movers will give you a rate chart with fees based on different weight ranges.

Distance Involved

Another important consideration when it comes to calculating the cost is the distance that you're moving. Remember that there's fuel costs and time considerations that are directly affected by the distance of your move, so it's important that you consider this as you assess your costs.

The Type Of Belongings

One of the things that many people don't think about is the fact that their belongings themselves will also affect the cost of a move. Anything that's excessively large, particularly heavy, or fragile, and in need of special handling will result in additional expenses as far as the cost of your move.

When you call for a quote, you'll typically be asked if you have any items that will need special handling. You'll have to give specific details and information about anything like this that's included in the move. Things such as musical instruments, sets of china, or valuable collections should all be mentioned to the movers before you finalize your price quote.

Additional Services

When you call for moving quotes, you'll find that most movers offer far more than just moving services. In fact, you can add all sorts of services to your move. Do you want your movers to pack everything for you so that you don't have to do it yourself? Or will you need the movers to store your belongings before you get into your new home? You can often also have your movers disassemble and reassemble furniture and even unpack your belongings for you in the new property. 

All of these additional services will also require an additional fee. You'll have to ask your moving company about the fee associated with each service so that you can determine what's in your budget.

The more you understand about the factors that can affect your moving cost, the easier it is for you to budget for your move and choose the right moving company. Talk with a few companies near you like Christofferson Moving & Storage today for price quotes for your move.