Six Things To Not Do When You Need To Have Water Well Drilling Done

Drilling is an essential step when you need to have a well put on your property. You need to make sure that drilling is done properly to avoid issues like delays and safety hazards during drilling.

The following are six things to not do when you need to have water well drilling done. 

Being unaware of municipal regulations like permit requirements

Due diligence prior to well drilling is essential. Due diligence should involve finding out if there are certain municipal regulations in your area that you need to meet to legally have a well drilled. These will typically include acquiring certain permits and adhering to regulations in terms of well placement.

Neglecting to keep the well drilling site clean enough

The well drilling site needs to be clean and organized. Keeping the well drilling site clean prevents contaminants from getting into your well water. A clean and organized well site also helps to prevent injuries during well drilling and construction. 

Failing to have well design planned in detail before drilling begins

The drilling of your well shouldn't begin until details of your planned well have been worked out. You should have a well design determined that includes the location and depth of the well.

In your well design, you should also have the design of the casing as well as the well pump you'll use planned. Planning out these details carefully prevents delays and confusion during your well drilling project. 

Attempting to do your own well drilling

Well drilling is a complicated task involving specialized equipment. It's a job that is best left to the professionals. That's why you shouldn't try to do your own well drilling and well construction. 

Neglecting to inform everyone on site of when well drilling will be taking place

Communication around your property and worksites is important. This is especially true when you're having a big task done like well drilling. 

You need to keep all staff on your worksite informed of when well drilling will be taking place. This will allow staff to adjust their work schedule accordingly to avoid conflict and obstructions as your well is drilled. 

Having no budget set for the project

You don't want to have to stop your well drilling and installation project halfway through due to funding issues. You need to set a budget and have the funding ready to cover the costs of putting in your well before drilling begins.