Pallet Types That Can Be Used To Store And Ship Goods

Two-way, four-way, and partial four-way pallets will each possess unique designs and access points. Access to storage space and the number of products that will be shipped from your business may influence the pallet type that will be the most beneficial for your needs.

Two-Way Pallets

Two-way pallets contain dual entry points that can be accessed by a forklift or a pallet jack. The stringers that comprise the middle of a two-way pallet are solid and will run across each side of it. This type of pallet may be constructed of plywood or some varieties of hardwood. Due to the entry points being present on only two sides of this type of pallet, considerations will need to be taken concerning how they will need to be loaded and unloaded.

Machinery will need to move up to the front or the back of palletized items. The limited amount of access points may restrict where you will need to store goods within your warehouse. There will need to be enough clearance along each side that contains an access point. This will allow a machine operator to move forward or backward while executing the movement of palletized goods.

Four-Way Pallets

Four-way pallets contain a more complex design than two-way pallets. These will also contain more wood strips, and hardwood varieties are typically used to construct four-way pallets. There will be an access point along each side of a pallet. This will allow a forklift or a pallet jack to access them from all four sides.

The increased amount of access points will make it possible to store pallets in any manner that is preferred. Pallets can be lined up or placed strategically along the flooring or on shelving units. Due to the heaviness of a four-way pallet, shipping costs may be higher than those associated with two-way pallet models.

Partial Four-Way Pallets

Partial four-way pallets contain a similar design to a four-way pallet. There will be notches within the stringer boards, however. These notches will allow the use of a forklift along each side. A pallet jack can only be used to lift a four-way pallet from the two sides that do not contain notches. Due to the cuts in the stringer boards, partial four-way pallets will not be as durable as four-way pallets. The modified design of these pallets will restrict the amount of weight that can be placed on each one.