Blackmail Consulting: Types Of Blackmail And How They Can Damage You

Blackmail consulting is a way for you to find out your options if you are the victim of blackmail. A lawyer will listen to your situation and help you discover your legal options and how to proceed with the legal process. You may realize you have legal options, but what you may not realize is the type of blackmail you are being threatened with and how it can affect you and your business. Here are a few of the types of blackmail you may face and what you should know about each one. 

Sexual Blackmail  

Sexual blackmail is one of the better-known forms of blackmail due to social media, true crime documentaries, and court documentaries. Sexual blackmail uses nude pictures, explicit pictures, and video. The blackmailer will generally produce proof they have pictures of you or a sex tape that shows you in a compromising position. They will then ask for what they want. It can be money, advancement in the business, or other financial-related requests. Sexual blackmail can damage your reputation in the business world, damage your current marriage or relationship, and the stigma can follow your children or your business partners. 


Extortion is common in the business world. This type of blackmail results in the threat leading to property of yours or of the businesses being taken. The blackmailer usually uses the threat of exposing something about the business, who your business backs, or connections you may have to questionable people. This type of blackmail can cause serious issues and even a loss of business or political standing if it is successful. The blackmailer will also request money as the most common request, but could also request property, cars, or simply being supported financially for an amount of time. 


Coercion can sometimes go hand in hand with extortion. Coercion is most often seen when voting is involved. This may be your business voting for a new expansion, business deal, or change to the way a business is operated. The threat is generally asking you to vote a certain way in exchange for money. However, they may also threaten you with exposure to something in your personal life if you do not vote the way they want. 

These are just a few of the many types of blackmail you may face individually or as a business owner. If any of these situations happen to you, seek out a lawyer that specializes in blackmail consulting. You will need to provide proof of the threat in either audio, written, or video form. This is to ensure you have a solid case and act as proof of the blackmail threat. 

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