Six Pieces Of Misinformation About Selling Junk Cars

If you are the owner of an old vehicle, you should consider the possibility of selling it as a junk car. Don't be discouraged from selling a junk car because of inaccurate information you come across.

The following are six common pieces of misinformation out there to be aware of regarding the sale of junk cars.  

You can't sell a junk car that has been totaled in an accident.

It doesn't really matter whether a junk car is still running or roadworthy when you are attempting to sell it. Even vehicles that have been totaled can often be successfully sold. A lot of the value of a junk car comes from the raw materials from which the vehicle is made and not from the vehicle's mechanical condition. 

Selling a junk car is more trouble than it is worth.

Having a junk car to get rid of on your property can be cumbersome and inconvenient. Even if you don't make much money from selling a junk car, it's worthwhile to sell the vehicle in question simply to get it off your property in many cases.

Only certain vehicle models are valuable as junk cars.

The model of a junk car is not usually a significant factor regarding whether or not a junk car can be sold. You shouldn't worry that you won't be able to sell your junk car because it is not a particularly valuable vehicle model. 

It costs more to tow a junk car than the junk car itself is worth.

It can be expensive to tow a junk car to a junkyard if the vehicle in question is no longer running. However, the value of a junk car is usually significantly higher than the costs of towing. 

You can't sell a junk car if you can't drive it to the junkyard.

Companies and individuals who are interested in buying your junk car will probably be able to transport the vehicle for you. You shouldn't assume that you can't sell your junk car just because you have no way of transporting it to the buyer. 

You must have a title to sell a junk car.

While having a title in your name helps when you want to sell a junk car, it is not always completely necessary. In some cases, you may be able to successfully sell a junk car without a title by signing an affidavit in which you affirm that you are the legal owner of the vehicle in question. 

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